Why Use Proofing Paper when Edible Printing?

HobbyPrint® has recently started including a 10-sheet complimentary pack of proofing paper with our edible printer bundles. Customers are asking us why. What are Proofing Sheets? HobbyPrint®Proofing Sheets are high-quality printable sheets that let users pre-print designs to check that the design is ok and prints as expected. The print quality on our proofing sheets

Impressive first results.

In order to add balance and a running reference point for the ongoing Richo Aficio SG2100N Edible trials, we had decided to run a printer in the office and print our daily workload out and print some photographs on icing sheets and Gloss and Satin photo papers on a regular basis. We plugged in the

Photo printing

printed photo’s today. Excellent quality. With this printer we’ve not wasted one edible sheet yet. With the others previously used we’ve had a lot of waste. Ripped, blotchy, patchy was always always an issue. Could never use a sheet on first print. This printer so far so good. Will save hundreds and hundreds of pounds.