Choosing the right edible printer package for you

Edible Inks Bottles

When you are looking to buy an edible printer package, Check out the contents to make sure that you are choosing the right package to suit you and your needs.

Beware – Buying the package with the most ink and edible media is not economical for all, let’s face it we wouldn’t go into Tesco’s and by 6 bags of sprouts if you only needed one just because they were a good price and then throw away 5 bags because they went out of date.

Not everyone requires a huge amount of edible inks and icing sheets, and as with all consumable items these products all have a best-before date, so why buy more than you will use!

We are competitively priced and we offer packages to suit occasional, regular, and high usage. For example, if you are looking to print icing sheets or two every week, a package offering 250ml of black and 100ml of each of the other colours will be out of date a long time before you could use it. The cartridges take slightly over 10ml of ink, therefore 100ml of ink would be the equivalent of approximately 10 cartridges. The shelf life on edible links would be up to 12 months. Ask yourself, would I use this?

View – Cartridge Fill Chart

We offer pre-filled cartridges, cartridges with 30ml of each colour ink, 50ml of each colour or 100ml of each colour in order for our customers to make the right choice.

If you are unsure of which package would be suitable for you, please call us and we will be happy to go through this to make sure you make the right choice for your edible printing needs.

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