How to print a template Overlay for Edible Artist Software

It’s always good to check print design, positioning, and colour output on lower cost papers before printing onto the more expensive icing sheets. Using HobbyPrint’s proofing sheets is a great idea for this and that is what the proofing papers are for.

When you are working with our pre-cut icing sheets, checking the positioning of your designs to ensure accurate printing on the icing sheet is particularly important.

Following is a method to do exactly that and I will link a video tutorial to this post, later this week.

Place a sheet of HobbyPrint® Proofing Paper in your printers paper tray, white side up
Open the Edible Artist Euro image design software
Select the “Settings” icon on the left of your screen
Set your “Default Printer” from the dropdown menu
Select the “New Design” icon on the left of your screen
Select the template that you wish to use from the templates shown, & click “Finish”
Select the “Print Design” icon on the left of your screen
Select the “Print Outline” check box under “Preferences
Click on the print button
Your printer will print out a sheet of proofing paper with the template outlines printed. Please be aware that the circles or rectangles where the images are placed are larger than the circles or rectangles on the actual icing sheet.

This template print sheet can be laid over the icing sheet to check that positioning is ok.

To compare the proofing sheet with your designs without the outlines, add images to the template from the software and lay the sheet over an icing sheet.

Doing this allows you to adjust your designs so that they fit well within the circles or rectangles, or as you require. Checking prior to printing avoids any wastage of the icing sheets.

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