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Have you noticed how customer support is being offered to customers by many online companies? There appears to be a reluctance by companies to invest in people in this important area of their business.

Do you recognise the following:

  • Do you get fed up with not being able to speak with a human when you need assistance with a problem?
  • Do you get fed up with “Our phones are unusually busy at this time”  messages? You keep calling only to find that the line is always “unusually” busy
  • How annoyed do you get when you locate a telephone number, listen to 2 to 3 minutes of information, only to get the dreaded “Our phones are unusually busy at this time”  message.
  • Have you got frustrated trying to find an easily visible telephone number to call for assistance? Only to find that you have to google it.
  • Whilst you are waiting patiently in a long telephone support queue are you bombarded with a go to the information section, or the FAQ section on our website to get the information, etc?
  • Fed up with the chatbots that do not understand your problem and never will?

Sadly, this is an increasing trend with companies, and even sadder is that companies believe that this is offering customer support or offering great customer service.  What they in fact mean is, that this is the level of support that we offer. What they forget is that if a customer has an issue and they can not get it resolved in a reasonable time frame, they are in fact NOT offering ANY customer Support.

Amazingly, the same customers man telephones with humans when it comes to sales. Try it out for yourself. The customer support line had no answer, sales order line, answered fairly quickly.

We at HobbyPrint® boldly state that “We Will Not Be Beaten on Customer Support” What does that mean exactly?

HobbyPrint® gives a guarantee that we will never fob a customer off or hide away from a customer issue. We always answer the telephone, and you will be greeted by a human voice. Beyond the greeting, the Human answering the phone will be product-knowledgeable and will in all instances assist the customer in finding a solution to their issue. That is a guarantee.

We believe that answering customer support enquiries is in fact, a customer sales enquiry. If we deal with the customer issue well, there is a high probability that the customer will order from HobbyPrint® again, when they next need an item that we sell.

To back up our support teams we can be contacted by Telephone, Email, and Messaging services on our, website and our website. We can also be messaged on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Onbuy, Youtube, Facebook, & Twitter.

We offer video chat facilities, zoom, and Google meetings, as well as our own online TV which we can use for support demonstrations. Remote access support and training are also available.

For sales support and advice prior to ordering, we run a “We Love to Talk” service that encourages customers to talk through with us what they need. We offer product and application advice that helps customers to get orders right the first time and reduce potential returns, which in turn, increases customer satisfaction.

HobbyPrint® is a friendly, family-run business that values its customers. Why not try us next time you need a Printer, ink cartridges, ink bottles, or photo paper. We are also renowned for our specialised printing products.

Give us a try and be spoilt!

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