Edible Artist – Template alignment to Pre-cut Icing Sheets

If you are having alignment issues when using Edible Artist software and the Pre-cut icing sheets, the first check to make is to compare the position of the circles or squares on the edible artist software to the position of the circles or squares on the pre-cut icing sheets that you are printing on.

The positions should be the same but bear in mind the printed sheet circle or square will be approx 2/4mm larger in size than the icing sheet. This is an overprint or bleed and helps to accommodate printer tolerances.

In order to compare the print alignment between the Edible Artist software templates and the icing sheet it is a good idea to print a template outline and lay over the actual icing sheet.

How to Print the template outline sheet

To do this, insert a sheet of plain paper or proofing paper and then follw the steps below. After printing, lay the printed sheet over the icing sheet to check accuracy.

1) Select new design icon
2) Select the template that you wish to use
3) Navigate to the print design icon and click
4) Tick the checkbox “Print outline” in the preferences section
5) Select and click the print button.

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